Future of the Family - 2013


Thursday, 6th June 2013

  • 9.00

  • Opening of the congress

    Opening by Johanna Huber, Bavarian State Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Family and Women

    Greeting by Godehard Ruppert (President of the University of Bamberg)

    Greeting by Herniette Engelhardt-Wölfler (ifb)

    Program information by the organisers

  • 10.30

  • B R E A K

  • 11.30

  • Discussion

  • 12.00

  • B R E A K and P O S T E R S E S S I O N

  • 14.00

  • Basic Conditions Undergoing Change: Chances and Risks

    Session 1: What influences the Development of the Family?

    Societal valuation and attitudes towards family in a European comparison

    (Daniela Grunow, Frankfurt)

    Child Care as a Central Aspect of Family Policy? (Presentation)

    (Chantal Remery, Utrecht)

    Family Policy in Germany: Time or Money? (Presentation)

    (Hans-Peter Klös, Cologne)

  • 15.30

  • B R E A K

  • 17.30

  • End of Today's Program

Friday, 7th June 2013


  • 10.00

  • B R E A K

  • 11.30

  • Discussion

  • 12.00

  • B R E A K and P O S T E R S E S S I O N

  • 14.00

  • Parallel Sessions: Methods and Doing Family

  • Recent Developments Regarding Survey Approach and Representativity
    Neglected Perspectives of Doing Family

    Qualitative Approaches in Family Research: Case Reconstruction in Family Research. Case Study of an Unvconventional Family Form

    (Dorett Funcke, Bochum)

    Doing same-sex families in Europe - who, what where? (Presentation)

    (Maks Banens, Lyon)

    Representative Strategies Beyond Landline-Network-Samples (Presentation)

    (Michael Häder, Dresden)

    Family relations beyond houshold-boundaries - Family as Network (Presentation)

    (Marina Hennig, Mainz)

    Possibilities and Limitations of Online-Panels (Presentation)

    (Marije Oudejans, Tilburg)

    Erotic Capital - A Neglected Factor in Research on Couples

    (Catherine Hakim, London)

    Gender-specific Dynamic of Age Preferences - Empirical Evidence from Online Dating

    (Jan Skopek, Bamberg)

    Media, Communications and Information Technologies in Family Life (Presentation)

    (Uwe Hasebrink, Hamburg)

  • 16.15

  • End of Parellel Sessions

  • 18.00

  • Congress Reception

  • 19.30

  • Evening Program: Family-policy Podium


    • Family-policy Concepts for the Future of the Family
    • Influence and Impact of the European Guidelines on National Family Policy
    • Convergence and Accuracy of Fit

    Facilitator: Wolfgang Mazal (ÖIF), Vienna


    Ingo Behnel (Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth of the Federal Republic, Berlin)

    Ingrid Nemec (Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth, Vienna)

    Evelyn Astor (DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission, Brussels)

    Norbert Schneider (BiB, Wiesbaden)

    Sabine Walper (DJI, Munich)

  • 21.00

  • End of Today's Program

Saturday, 8th June 2013


  • 9.30

  • Family Science is Interdisciplinary

    Interdisciplinary as a Challenge in Practice: The Real Life of Families and the Need for Research from the Perspective of Family Organisations (Presentation)

    (William Lay, Brussels)

  • 12.15

  • Closing of the Congress


Concert- and Congresshall of Bamberg, Mußstraße 1

Source: © Archiv des BAMBERG Tourismus & Kongress Service

Concert- and Congresshall of Bamberg

Hegel haal in the Concert- and Congresshall of Bamberg

Little Venice in Bamberg

Old City Hall in Bamberg

View over the roof-tops of old Bamberg (World Heritage Site)


The Concert- and Congress Hall of Bamberg is placed right in the heart of the old City of Bamberg - Mußstraße 1.

Bamberg can be reached by Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) or by flying into Nürnberg or Frankfurt and taking from there the Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) to Bamberg.